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    Like many things we look at (especially within Masonry) it depends on the lens you use. His name does evoke instant reactions on both sides. Knowing Brother Cooper’s history (and hearing him speak several times) I would recommend listening to what he has to say.
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    Garbage Pail Kids Masonic Cards

    I remember them. They were, in very Topp's fashion, a parody of the insanely popular Cabbage Patch Dolls that swept the nation at that time.
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    Covid and privacy of Lodge members

    In response to the original question; no, this hasn’t come up because all three of my jurisdictions have been shut down since March, no live meetings. So we haven’t had to tell a doctor we spent time with so-and-so. And why is it such an issue? “Who have you had contact with?” “A, B, and C.”...
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    COVID: UGLE Suspends Masonic Meetings in England Again

    All three of mine are shut down. NM and CA have created a simple ritual to make us all feel more official but it’s still just a zoom meeting. NM has also begun harsh enforcement of the “no meeting” edict.
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    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    Jesters I’m familiar with but I don’t recognize the Q...
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    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    “Just start my own dern grand lodge. Charge ‘em by the head and have my house paid off in no time!”
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    New Books: 'The Craft' by John Dickie; 'History of Esoteric and Anagogic Doctrines' by...

    There wasn’t a “schism,” the lodges that formed the Antients were never members of the Premier (Moderns). They were other lodges who did not agree with the ritual. There was a schism after the union, but most people in the US have never heard of the Wigan Grand Lodge, more or less read about it.
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    What can we do ? What should we do?

    The GM here (or his Inspectors) would be pulling charters. We don’t have “GL guidance” we have an edict that has been refreshed and republished multiple times with dire consequences attached.
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    Widows sons, Sturgis and the lodge

    Veering back to the question; were the rally held in California there would be no lodge held. All Masonic gatherings are suspended. The festivities would be limited to outdoors, masks, and distancing. Were it held today it would likely be evacuating the area.
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    Any help ?

    Contact the lodge, not us. Knock, ask.
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    Info needed

    I was Raised there and still hold membership, perhaps I can help. Feel free to message me.
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    why jehova witness hate us so much?????

    When found on US Veteran headstones it specifically represents the First Church of Christ, Scientist (Cross and Crown).
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    How in the Great Architect is it political to follow medical advice that is law for millions in this country? I’m confused, too.
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    Lodge Endowments & Demitting in Texas...

    Texas allows multiple memberships, yes? As to the line I agree with Bro. Bill; just be honest and let the Brethren know your heart.
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    Baptist Freemasons?

    The SBC has historically stood against the Craft. That doesn’t stop them from joining but they might not respond openly.