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Which one was the most diffcult?

Which degree was the most difficult?

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For me it was the EA...It took me about a month and a half before it started to soak into my thick skull and not so pliable brain tissue, then it became easier. The FC and MM took two weeks each, old brain trying to learn new tricks....


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I really had no idea that on the general, most Brothers would say the EA like my answer is. I think what makes it more difficult than the other degrees is just like what a lot of the other Brothers have said. That it was basically stepping into a whole new world and the methods are different than what we are normally used to.

It is also interesting that according to this poll, nobody voted for FC being the

Brent Heilman

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I would say that the EA would make sense for being the hardest. It is a whole new experience and since you don't know what to expect you aren't prepared. Some of us also have some problems remembering things and getting the brain used to that type of learning takes a bit, but once it is accustomed to it the rest goes pretty smooth.


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For me the only somewhat difficult part was the EA obligation. Once I got past that everything it was all easy. The FC and MM work wasn't that bad at all.

Now if I could just keep Q/A and floor work separated. Hahaha


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Its not that ea was hard but it was time consuming and took dedication. It discouraged me a little when I found out how many questions there were but I stuck with it. The ea really test if you want to really be a master or not. The other degrees are just fun and much more understandable. What's hard is petitioning because it made me nervous.


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EA, because like everyone says it's all new material and the wording is simply weird sometimes. MM was next because of that dang obligation.

Bro. Bennett

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I remember walking with Sam Smith and Henry King when I learned this stuff. Glad they walked with me since my old brain needs cheering on sometimes.


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Like most brethren, I found the EA the most challenging. I had to learn how to learn mouth-to-ear which is way harder for me than any previous study experience. I had very willing and patient teachers and they prepped me for the higher degrees so the FC and MM were relatively easy.


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It took me a while to digest "ralitish" in the second section of the EA. Once past that it was a down hill slide. Come to think of it, I'm still not past "ralitish."


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None of them was particularly hard for me but if I had to choose I would say say the EA degree only because I really didn't know What to expect but it wasn't hard at all just didn't know What to expect

Pride of the West Lodge #53


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My son is about to be raised. It took him a month to learn the EA. The FC only took 2 hours on the night of his passing to memorize. Wish I was 18 again. His mind is like a sponge.

Two hours for the FC proficiency?!?
No way...
He must've done it short form...and even then...

He got past on the same night as his proficiency?

I don't know brother, I find all this hard to believe.

My Freemasonry


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I had to put in a lot of work for the EA since it was new. I am glad I did it in long form because it really helped with the MM proficiency...which definitely was no a walk in the park....furthermore:)

My Freemasonry


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EA, because everything was so new. It took me 2 months to go from EA to FC (back when the wait between degrees was 1 month), and it took most of that two months to get the work down. It only took me a few weeks each for the FC, and MM degrees.


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Yeah, when learning the EA work, you also have to get your mind and tongue used to the language and cadence of the catechisms as well.