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What's for dinner?


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We have a large commercial kitchen and I always look forward to cooking in it. Trouble is I end up starting around 3pm and by the time our meeting starts I am pretty pooped.


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Down here in Miami it's extremely rare to find children and wives also at lodge supporting there husbands. But in the northern parts of Florida I have visited some lodges that I feel in love with only because of have family friendly they were. When I speak about wives and children and home made meals for dinner at lodge I get weird looks. But in other lodges that's how it is! ;)
I recall the wives cooking the homemade Meals for the brethren every stated meeting! When I took my spouse she felt as if she was part of the family because there were other women there to talk and make her feel as if she was welcome. On the other hand here in Miami I don't take my spouse to lodge she stays home because there are only men and when we go up to do our work she stays downstairs alone. NOT SAYING THAT SHE HAS TO COME WITH ME TO LODGE. she just likes to support the things I love. Plus the wives of the elder masons when I lived in north Florida always told me to bring her XD


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We usually spend between 70-100 for a stated meeting dinner where we expect 20-25 members to come. We also spend 50-70 for each practice night where 10-15 make it. We ask for a $7 donation.


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We had tacos last night... Almost had to drop a deuce in the middle od an EA degree!! Lol never again!

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