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Video Gaming in Austin

Brother Jason Eddy

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My Brother-in-law (a non-Mason) is moving to Austin in the next few months and hopes to get into the video game industry. Are there any Brothers on here that are in that industry or might have some contacts that he can get in touch with? Any help/advice is appreciated.

Your Brother,



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A good friend of mine lived in Austin for a while and worked through a company called Volt which provided people to go work under Blizzard Entertainment as tech support for World of Warcraft; According to him, you actually have the chance to move up into the Blizzard ranks proper if you stick around long enough.


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...and hopes to get into the video game industry.

Does your brother in law have any experience in Game programming? Artistic design? Game Play Design? Testing?
I know a few people here in Austin that have worked in the game industry since the 90's and it can be cutthroat, even for the talented. They might be interested in talking with him if he has a resume and something to show off any skills. PM me if he's interested.


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Hey Mikie!

I got a few friends back home on the bayou who have lots of experience in the gaming bidness.

Let's see: they usually work out of a phone booth. Oh yeah ... I'll get back to you with the number on a PM.