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Blake Bowden

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Okay yes, I was a little late in watching Iron Man 2..
I was kinda curious how they'd introduce Thor.
Now for Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor to all come together.


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Can't wait. It would be nice to watch it at home on a led tv 3d, instead of the theatre, oh well


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Looks good! Hope it doesn't become a disappointment like The Hulk. The Hulk is one of my favorites but the first movies failure passed on to the second :(. Lets hope Thor is better! Looks good so far!

Jacob Johnson

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as one of the 4 or 5 comics i actually read as a kid, Thor was a must see for me all along... THAT SAID. i've saw it at the midnight showing and twice more during opening weekend, all 3 times in IMAX 3d. I agree with Bro. Benton, it was totally worth every penny. Highly recommended. Kenneth Branagh just earned himself EVEN MORE points in my book.

OH just make sure you stay after the credits. (duh)


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Lol, last time I heard this much hype about a movie and went to go see it in theaters cause of how "awesome" it was, I went to see The So, yea. I'm a little skeptical to go see this in the theaters.

I also heard rumor that Thor was rasised in a lodge in Houston??? Any truth to that? JK