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The Secret Work of an Age


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Lots of info for an initiate like me. Self published and unedited fyi. Collection of a lifetime of learning. Making connections and quite insightful so far. Will need a second and more passes over time.


Coach John S. Nagy
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hmmm... looks like an effort to promote someone's work... no thanks!
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Glen Cook

G A Cook
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Umm, no thanks. From the Author:

Thanks for visiting. I'm Kate. I have over four decades of experience in the study and research of esoteric wisdom, 'secret' societies and symbolism. During that time I also delved deeply into philosophy, psychology and consciousness studies. I'm professionally trained in astronomy and astrology. In the book I explain more about how I first got involved in these different spheres.

I live in England but have resided in America (Los Angeles) and France (Paris and more recently in Fontainebleau). I have also travelled extensively - which certainly broadens the mind.

The great eternal truths and principles of life antedate all religions, and in The Secret Work of an Age I walk you through information, passed down from the ancients and usually only imparted to those initiated into the 'colleges' and 'brotherhoods'. This is information which I hope you will find illuminating, thought-provoking and even life-changing.

This book is unusual because I am the antithesis of a conspiracy theorist, but as a freethinker I have never shied away from challenging established narratives. The great 16th century polymath, Sir Francis Bacon once said: “Truth can never be reached by just listening to the voice of an authority". He also said, "In the Universities they learn nothing but to believe; first that others know that which they know not; and after themselves know that which they know not. They are like becalmed ships:they never move but by the winds of the other men’s truth and have no oars of their own to steer withal.” What he advocated was that one must doubt everything before assuming it's truth and 'weigh and consider' matters rather than blindly believing them to be true.

You will certainly be asked to leave to one side everything you thought you knew about certain facets of our history as you move through this book. Then, at the end you can 'weigh and consider', debate and discuss.

The Secret Work of an Age is a practical, educational and enlightening book. It begins by looking at a brief history of Sir Francis Bacon. It explains his connection to the Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, who are sometimes called the 'Sons of Light', 'Brethren of the Mystic Tie' or simply, The Family. Then I walk you through the language of symbolism and geometry and its hidden secrets.

Along the way, there's a great deal about the Egyptians and Mesopotamians and we also delve into the beliefs of Carl Jung (psychologist) and David Bohm (theoretical physicist). There's a primer on observational astronomy and the subjects of precession, obliquity and eccentricity. There are sections on cryptography, ciphers and the other ways information was concealed. By that point you will have enough knowledge to understand what the esoteric orders were intending with the founding of a New Republic - America - and how and why knowledge was hidden in plain sight. There's an entire chapter on Washington, DC and the Founding Fathers.

The book ends with the longest chapter, Nine, which is information that can only be properly assimilated by those with the 'ears to hear, the eyes to see and the heart to know'. Once you have the knowledge, you can't 'unknow' it. I'm giving you the keys that will open all the secrets to many misinterpreted mysteries.

If I had to compare this book to others, I'd say sections of its 366 pages have strong flavours of The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason and parts of The Alchemy Key by Stuart Nettleton. Ultimately though, my book is completely unique and contains many revelations that I have not seen published elsewhere. Although this is a non-fiction book, such is its broad appeal, I'm confident it will be greatly enjoyed by fans of Dan Brown fiction novels such as The Lost Symbol or Da Vinci Code or anyone interested in codes, riddles and secrets.

As The Secret Work of an Age is delivered in flipbook format (side to side reading, rather than having to scroll down) that can be read on all devices. I have been able to add over 400 clickable links so, once you have finished it, you can continue exploring many of the themes. It also contains over 300 images.

This ebook is not some romp through history, it is a paradigm-shifting, eye-opening revelation that I believe could have a profound effect on the way you view our world and your life.

Enjoy the book.

P.S. I'm on video here if you want to put a voice to a face. (There are two promo videos, this is the most recent).
Reviews are on this page.

I started a Pinterest page with boards on Symbology, Geometry, Astronomy etc. While some pins are from the book, many are not, just because I have pinned something doesn't mean I endorse the original poster of the images or their views (or vice versa).


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Going to go with Brother Glen on this one. Another cash grab purporting to sell you the wisdom of the ancients found nowhere else!

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