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Texas masonic trivia


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As Junior Warden, I provide Masonic information during our stated meeetings. I would like to share Texas Masonic trivia, more especially of those stories or information that most haven't heard before. Would anybody like to share ?


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Sounds good to me.

You may have to send me a note to keep me going. Gotta lot of irons in the fire.


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Here is an easy one.

The last Masonic Governor of Texas was Mark White of Park Place Lodge #1172, Houston. Prior to becoming governor Brother White served as Attorney General of Texas.

Any mistakes or contradictions please contact the poster before any shots are fired.
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While these not a Texas Masonic item of interest, I found this readily accepted by my Lodge when I was in the South.

The highest Lodge room in the world is said to be that of Roof of the World Lodge No. 1094, Oroya, Peru, in the Andes. It has an elevation of 14,167 feet. In contrast, the highest Lodge room in the United States is in a Lodge in Kokomo County, Colorado, with an elevation of 9,500 feet.


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Very interesting. Your post got me wondering about the lowest lodge, and I believe I found the answer from The Grand Lodge of Minnesota | Home. They say that the "lowest is said to be Winnedumah Lodge #287 of Bishop, California, which holds its meetings at 270 feet below sea level." Sounds like a Death Valley lodge might be in order. :biggrin: