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Passed to Fellowcraft

Mike Mendelson

Registered User
Passed to Fellowcraft last night along with my lodge brother (we were initiated together) and four brothers from a neighboring lodge. Great experience and the journey continues. I'm looking forward to the next phase of study. Be well and stay safe!


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Congratulations Brother. FC has always been my favorite degree. It has, in my opinion, the deepest symbolism and opportunities to study and learn. Likely because until relatively recently, it was the highest degree a Brother attained with the MM and all the appendant degrees being added later.


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In our local ritual the new FC is told 4 times that he is now entitled to study the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

It is very rare to find a brother that does.

In my case it took me 20 years even to understand what are the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

It turned out that I was actually studying/practising them even before I became a Mason.

In my observation that work is required before the brother can enter into the work of the MM.

Mike Mendelson

Registered User
Thanks for the advice. I have been thinking about the seven liberal arts. Good news is that we will have a speaker on this very subject at our next lodge meeting!