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Partnership of Grand Lodges Purchase Grand View Systems

ByChristopher Hodapp

Grand View Systems, creators of one of the most popular membership management systems designed especially for Masonic organizations, has just been acquired by a joint partnership of grand lodges in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, California, and North Carolina.

The press release reads:

Dear Valued Grand View Users,

We’re thrilled to announce that Grand View, your trusted membership management software system, has been purchased by a partnership of four Grand Lodges: the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Grand Lodge of North Carolina, Grand Lodge of California, and Grand Lodge of Minnesota. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the Grand View journey, and we are excited about the future prospects it brings.

Our vision for Grand View is that it’s owned by the fraternity, ensuring that its mission aligns closely with the values and needs of Masonic organizations. We are delighted to inform you that Brother Jeff Clarke will continue to lead Grand View, and all of its dedicated staff will remain in place, ensuring continuity and stability for our users. Jeff and his team will continue to be your main point of contact.

As we look to the future, Grand View’s immediate goals are to assess and enhance its capabilities to onboard new Masonic organizations seamlessly while continuing to provide robust support to its existing users. Your satisfaction and success are our and Grand View’s top priorities, and we and the Grand View team are committed to making Grand View an even more powerful tool for your membership management needs.

We are also eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Users Conference, where Jeff will share more detailed plans and ideas. This will be a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from you about how we can all work together most effectively moving forward. Additionally, we’ll discuss how other Grand Lodges and Masonic organizations can join the ownership group in the future, expanding our collaborative efforts.

Thank you for your continued trust and support in Grand View. We are excited about this new chapter and are confident that under its new ownership, Grand View will achieve great things.

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Premium Member
Interesting. I think only GL South Australia is using Grand View in Australia.. might be wrong though...

Glen Cook

G A Cook
Site Benefactor
I like the program generally, but many of us are itchy about it being in the ownership of non-professionals, and whether us small guys will be listened to.


Premium Member
I like the program generally, but many of us are itchy about it being in the ownership of non-professionals, and whether us small guys will be listened to.
I hear you. UGLV are moving from Salesforce to iMAS. iMAS has been used by a few in Australia... but NSW, the primary user of iMAS recently developed their own system..

Ill John J. Tumolo III

Registered User
I must tell you, as a Secretary for my Pennsylvania Blue Lodge for almost 20 years, Salesforce was foisted upon us about 10 years ago, and it was awful. I was a "test" Lodge for the first iteration, and that form was so bad that they scrapped it and came out with a second version, only slightly better but still bad. The GL of PA was sold on the idea that Salesforce would be creating a unique system just for the GL of PA, turns out they simply attempted to modify an existing program to fit our needs, and it failed miserably. It was finally abandoned when they couldn't guarantee our network security, and we switched to GrandView, which was created by Brother Masons. There are a few minor things that are not great, for example with our old system a Secretary could enter a name and find out if said person was a Member of a PA Blue Lodge and if so, which one. It helped a lot when someone died and a funeral home would contact me to find out what Lodge he belonged to and who the contact person was for his Lodge. I just spent about 1/2 hour on Saturday trying to find that exact type of information for a local funeral home. The old system would have given me all I needed in minutes. The accounting portion of GrandView makes a lot of sense, and makes it simple to track dues and all financial entries.