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New to the Chaplain's office

Nickel City Dude

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I am the utility brother in my Lodge and am often called on to fill in for an officer for the opening and closing ritual. Now after 35+ years in the Fraternity I have just started learning the Chaplain's parts. I never realized how many prayers and scripture lessons the Chaplain needed to know. I am 71+ years old and a past Assistant Grand Lecturer and I got to tell you that I have discovered that I don't learn the ritual now as well as I did when I was first raised. I use to be able to easily learn a page or two of ritual in a couple of days but now I am having to take at least a week and a half to learn just on short prayer.
And then just when I think I have it down solid I will stumble over one word or phrase and have to look at it again. But I get a great deal of satisfaction when I finally can do a prayer well and know that I will be able to do it in Lodge and not stumble. It just goes to show you that you can teach an old dog new just take a little longer.
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Keith C

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I am being installed this evening in the Chaplain's chair.
One thing that interests me is jurisdictional differences. (And being from PA EVERYONE does stuff differently from us!)

Is the Chaplain's position in your Lodge elected or appointed? If appointed are all of your Appointed Officers Installed?

Here in PA only the 5 Elected Officers are Installed, WM, SW, JW, Sec & Tres.

BTW Congratulations!


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It is appointed. Maybe I misspoke as to how I assumed the chair. Our 5 elected officers are the same as yours.


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I have had the honor of being the Chaplain of Centennial 84 for 4 years. It is a role I enjoy and take seriously. I am always looking for material for a Spiritual Thought to offer my brethren Please let me know if you have any great ideas!