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New (Texas) York Rite Companion...


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Good evening, Brethren.

I am very new to (Texas) York Rite Masonry. I recently attended my first Chapter & Council Stated Convocation and Assembly, and even helped to participate in the opening and closing ritual. Is there any advice as to where I should start in the ritual memorization process? What do you recommend that I tackle first? Opening / Closing Ritual? The ritual itself?

I am also in the midst of learning more about the ritual themselves, including the history and symbolism; and, how this ties into the Blue Lodge degrees.

Any advice is truly appreciated.

Thank you, Brethren.

Keith C

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For me the best way to learn was by doing.

Go to every ritual Instruction your Chapter and Capitular District holds. Volunteer to take a chair in Degrees and inform your MEHP, King and Scribe that you are willing to hold an appointed chair when they are looking to fill the chairs. Attend as many Meetings and Degree Conferrals as you can. Also don't try to do too much all at once!


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I am a Companion but under a Grand Chapter.

I'm always focusing on the likely next office I will find myself in... but the Open and Close is an obvious place to start so you know who is who in the lodge room in regards to officers..