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Never thought I'd join, but...

David N.

Premium Member
I have honestly never had much interest in the OES, and was relieved that my girlfriend (niece of a MM) didn't either.
The chapter that meets at my lodge pretty much seems to just meet there (meaning you never hear about them doing anything.)
And really, I don't need "just another meeting" to attend. I'd rather travel around to degrees and spend time with my brothers.
Yesterday, though, we were invited to an open OES officer installation in a neighboring district by a Grand Lodge officer who has become a dear friend and close brother.
I don't think he was trying to sell me on the OES, he just knows I like to get out and about as often as I can.
Well, not only did we have a wonderful time, but that lodge and chapter have really got a good thing going.
Their Blue Lodge and Star Chapter work closely together to provide almost non-stop community outreach and charitable projects all year long.
They have a strong community presence and focus on giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate.
I really was blown away.
I had just been talking to another brother about how one of the reasons I joined Freemasonry was to give back, but our lodge had sorta gotten away from that over time (something we are trying to slowly change.)
Once I saw what this group of fantastic people were doing, it was a no brainer.
Also, the food...the food...
So anyway, I met up with this brother again last night to go see a 1st Degree, and turned in two petitions.