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Message to my Craft NOV 29, 2020 (Works that last)


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Greetings RWs PMs, and members of our great Craft.

On behalf of the Worshipful Master, I would like to extend the following message and prayer:

"Pleasures conceived in the world of the senses have a beginning and an end and give birth to misery...
The wise do not look for happiness in them."

This is a quote from Krishan to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.
Growing up, my grandmother would always tell me, "Only what you do for Christ will last."
While the first quote if from a Hindu religious text and the other have roots in the Christian text,
they speak to the same message. We should be living the Gospels in our daily actions.
God was a creator and we should strive to be also.
When we help our brothers, their families, and the Lodge, we are creating harmony.
We are living out the lessons of our Lord, do unto others as we'd have them do unto us.
The greatest commandment was that we love one another as our Savior loves the church.
May we continue to pray for one another and always be there for one another to help when
in the length of our cabletoe.
These are deeds not began in the world but in spirit. These are the stones adding to that
Heavenly home, not made by hands, eternal in the Heavens.


Lord God, G.A.O.T.U.,
You have bought us through another week in our right minds to acknowledge you,
and we thank you.
I pray that love and happiness has rained down on all of our craft this week.
Continue to strengthen those who may be experiencing life's hard times.
We dont ask that you make our way easy, but that you strengthen us to carry our cross.
May we find joy in our daily situations and ways to honor you and dedicate our works to you.
God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change , courage to change the
things that we can, and wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

My God move you as you read these words and reflect on Him. Have a wonderful night
and a blessed week knowing that you are prayed for by me.

My the Creator of Heaven and Earth continue to bless and keep you.