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Message to my Craft 30 JAN 2021 (GOD the Healer)


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Greetings, RWs, PMs, and Brothers of the Craft!

I pray that this correspondence finds you and your families in great health and spirits.

On behalf of WM Blyden, I extend to you the below for your spiritual strengthening:

We have all sinned and fail short of the glory of God.
We have all turned away from the Lord, but the Lord is always ready to take us back.
When we do ill towards others, we only heart ourselves.
God, in His awesomeness, forgives us our sins and heals whatever damage we do others and ourselves.

Heavenly Father, G.A.O.T.U., thank you for healing us from the ills of ourselves and the world.
We thank you for keeping us from all heart, harm, and dangers.
We praise you for healing us even from ourselves.
I pray that you continue to bless and protect our Lodge and all of the families contained within it.
We pray that you be with first responders and medical professionals as they serve the ill.
Continue to bless all of the families and friends that comfort the sick.
Be with all of those who still suffer from COIVD-19 and are facing life's hard times.
I pray that you bless, heal, and touch my mother, who has fallen ill of another stroke.
Strengthen us to live out the teachings of Freemasonry in our daily lives.
May we strive each day to seek out ways to spread the cement of brotherly love.
God give us the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change, courage to change the things that we can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

It was great seeing those of you who attended today's District Zoom.

Have a blessed night and week Brothers.