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Message to my Craft, 27 DEC (Spread Brotherly Love)


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Greetings RWs, PMs, and members of the Craft.

I pray that your Christmas was blessed, filled with joy, and safe.

I extend you greetings, this message, and a word of prayer on behalf of W.M. Blyden.

Many, concluding the Catholic Church, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and others recognize the Communion of Saints.
From these Saints' example, people are told to draw example as they exercise and live their own faith.
Stephen was such an example, one who ultimately lost his earthly life in service to God.
In this situation, the promise was kept that "we will know what to say when we are on trial for our faith."
May we always strive to live as the G.A.O.T.U. would have us and lean on Him when we begin to slip.
May He lead us to those who most need the word, that we may serve our role in spreading the Gospels and brotherly love.

Heavenly Father,
We thank you for allowing us to celebrate the holiday season with those we love, near and far.
You have saw us through another Christmas, and we thank you with gratitude.
We ask for your continued protection, as medical professional continue to fight the COVID-19 virus.
I specifically ask that you continue to be with our ADDGM and his wife, as they weather this storm;
May your healing hands be upon them and all of those effected. Bring us healing and peace.
Pour forth, we beseech you o'Lord, your grace into our hearts,
that when you call us to come, without fear we will make hast;
that when you call us to serve, like the Saints, we will follow, knowing that You are leading.
God give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things that we can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

I pray that this correspondence find you all healthy and safe as we approach a new year.

Happy Holidays and stay safe my Brothers.