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Master Craftsman Program


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So I have officially moved from the NMJ to a Valley in the SMJ and I have to say it is a world of difference. Not knocking my wonderful Brothers in the North, but the educational opportunities the SMJ offer are amazing. I decided to try the Master Craftsman program and ordered the Symbolic Lodge set yesterday (with Esoterika of course) so I could maybe begin over the holiday weekend. And lo and behold, it was waiting for me when I got home from work today! That was something amazing and I didn't even choose expedited shipping, just regular USPS Priority, because I'm cheap like that! So, kudos to the folk at the Scottish Rite Store. Unfortunately I didn't realize I also needed the Ritual Guide and Monitor to go with the course. We don't have anything like that book in the North (that I am aware of) that you receive when you join, so here's hoping they ship that as quickly.

The last Master Craftsman Course post I saw was several years old and I didn't want to necro an old discussion. For any that completed it, how long did it take you? Was it a worthwhile experience?