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Masonic traveler app


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Blake Bowden said:
It appears the dev removed it from iTunes...

That is a shame that they removed it. I really like the app and am thankful that it is still working. Especially since I paid so much for it.

Doesn't surprise me that they moved it from App Store, though. There were some really bad reviews regarding lack of updating information and customer service. I know that I tried to contact them a couple of times and never got a reply. I really do t think that the devs were Masons, but instead was someone that just got an idea to make some money. Good idea, as I find it pretty useful and really liked the app itself, but I would much rather have something that someone really is dedicated to running and updating for quality and assistance to those of us that are traveling.


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gnarledrose said:
I'm trying to download the app from the iTunes store in anticipation of a trip through New Mexico and Texas in a couple of weeks, but iTunes insists that this isn't available in the US store. I know this to be patently untrue. Suggestions?
Edit: Found here in case there's multiple apps out there.

I'm sorry that you are having a bit of trouble getting it downloaded from iTunes. I have the app and I just checked to make sure that it is still working, and it is. If you want to, tell me where you would like to look up some lodges and I'll message you with ALL the information I can get for you.

robert leachman

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How does one find the MoT app?
I'm posting from it now but when I tries to fond it for another brother the search took me some Playboy app!