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Masonic Instagram?


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What do you think about Instagram accounts of lodges and obedience’s on Instagram? There’s a bunch of fake accounts, have you noticed?

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I know midnight masons have one and I'm sure many lodges do. My daughter is a member of a masonic youth organization and they have Instagram accounts for their individual "triangles" (or lodges). I would say take a vote and do it if all agreed upon.


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Man, there are a lot of fake accounts on Instagram, FB everywhere. People are fake in reality too. Fake followers don't bother me as much as fake friends. They are worse than enemies. I have more real followers now on Instagram than I did before. It's not a surprise for you, guys; I'm sure you know already how to buy real instagram followers and grow your business, your community. Nowadays, the world is based on selling and buying; it's a thing of marketing. Those people who manipulate better are better sellers.
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I'm on IG, but, yes, there are a lot of fake accounts. The hard part about IG is staying regular and consistent with the image-based content.


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I am part of the Grand lodge of Finland's communications committee and we started Instagram and Facebook pages for the grand lodge last autumn.
I personally think that it is good that we have an outlet for where we can display freemasonry like we wish it to be displayd.

Here is the link to the instagram and facebook if you want to follow us.