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Masonic education topic idea


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I’m a PM of my lodge and still very active. I sat in the East in 2018 and 2019. We have some awesome PMs that attend very regularly and have always been a great source of counsel for me. Lately a few of us have been frustrated. SC lodges were closed for much of 2020 due to Covid. The officers in the line of progression now are all fine men and masons. The problem is their ritual work is very lacking. We had no degree work for the better part of 18 months because of the pandemic, but most of the installed officers can not get through open/close without being prompted a few times. It’s disheartening as my lodge has always been renowned for doing great ritual work. We were always asked to do demos at M&W club meetings, instructionals , etc. Does anyone know of any sort of Masonic education post, or Masonic research society paper than impresses upon officers that knowing the rituals foe your chair and the other chairs are extremely important? When I was traveling to the East seeking light, our PMs always impressed upon me the values of knowing the ritual of your chair and the chair above. I care very much all these men. I conferred the degree on most of them from the East. I really want to present some sort of education that will impress upon them that they should really need to make it a priority to get their work down pat. I am not suggesting the JD be able to give all the lectures, or that they shouldn’t ever be promoted doing floor work. If we can’t get opening and closing letter perfect, how will we ever expect to do again, that sharp ritual work our lodge is known for.
Thanks for reading, sorry it’s so long. SMIB brethren.


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I would say "the kids are always listening" meaning that to train the next generation, who will often learn via osmosis by watching and listening to your officers, your officers need to set the standard and make sure their work is accurate. When delivering ritual, even in the opening and closing, they are teaching. And that they need to see themselves not as parrots, but teachers.

This also comes to mind,

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