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Ladies Freemasonry in the UK video


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why call yourself Freemasons?
Take the values from the ritual books and other avenues of learning and make your own organisation rather than cheapening your efforts by trying to cash in on our fraternal history.

A lot of men forget what is the true freemasonry! Now I am aware that traditionally because women were considered the propriety of their husband and had no right at all.... only men was admitted ! Its 2020 now ! Tradition of regular masonry should be kept! To me women and men should not be mixte but I believe that being a mason is also having a ligne of conduct , working constantly in order to polish our self, respecting the limits of others, study great work from the past, getting enlightenment from fraternal sharing, respecting your fellow brethren and sisters ! See im a part of Memphis Misraïm and as women we do love all of our brothers and sisters no matter what ! If we see a bro we would never leave him in need of help ! Freemasonry has many branches to its tree but at the end of the day we all share a common goal ! Shriners, eastern star, freemasons of all kind = one big family ! Faith Hope Charity !

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