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I'm so old I can remember....


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It Texas everything's a Coke:

"Can you get me a Coke?"

"Sure what kind you want?"


(In Louisiana it's a Soda. Or for the old Cajuns a Sodee Pop)
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widows son

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Good morning Vietnam
REO speed wagon
NHL 93- 96 for sega
Ghostbusters (stay pufft)
Nerf balls
Woodstock 94 and 99
Hed PE
Home Alone.
Home Alone: Lost in NY
The live action Jungle Book
Dragon: The Bruce Lee story
Enter the Dragon
Return of the Dragon
Bloodsport series
Double Impact
Hard Target
The Legionnaire
The Quest
The Sidekick
Rambo series
Tube Amplifiers
When gas was cheap
The two Corey's
Luke Perry

Bill Lins

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If you remember this and know what it means, you're older than dirt! :lol:

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I remember before everyone had cell phones and the internet was a novelty.

How did we ever survive?!

widows son

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Lol. I remember when I was a kid actually calling my friends house, and asking his parents if they were there. Now a cellphone is practically and added extremity.