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I'm a proud daddy, Quintuplets!!!


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Well, I can't take all the credit, it was arranged and I am not the biological father. But very proud of my little Molly!


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Yessir, But they are a bit pricey.
Females $1500 and Males $1300.
A friend got her for us so he could breed his OEB with her, he couldn't keep/raise 2 dogs. We got her and get the pick of the litter.
I personally have never paid anywhere near that much for a dog in my life!
The Dam and Sire are registered and pups will have puppy registration
THAT IS, if I can sell the little bugger I get, they are too cute!


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I don't think your argument of not being the biological father will in any way protect you from the lawyers. Stay out of California, Massachusetts, and Louisiana until they are of lawful age.

Quins ... at $1.2 to $1.3K a pop. That's a great investment.


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Thanks and LOL!
Yeah, I could never drop that much on a dog, but I'm glad he did. I love my little Molly.
The three male pups died Christmas morning. I don't know what happened, the vet just saw them Friday and gave a double thumbs up.