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How Do You Join Masonry?


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Ensor Note November 06, 2006

How Do You Join Masonry?

This is simple if you have family or friends in the Order, but if you don’t then what? Well it is a little easier these days with the Grand Lodges embracing the power of the internet, but Masonry has always worked on the “2 B 1 Ask 1†premise, we don’t solicit, so it can be very difficult for the average young male, (who are commonly accused of not asking for directions), to find his way into masonry with no Mentor to guide him. Here is a story of just such a young mans quest and a mentors guiding hand. It involves three Masonic Grand Jurisdictions and two countries and a Mason’s Zeal.

It started back in August when my good friend Bro. Ed McKay, Chaplain of Hillcrest Ldg. #594 GRC, attended a wedding reception in Indiana. Ed who had lived just outside Chicago, Illinois for many years and joined the craft there, met Robert Taylor a young police officer, who was on security duty at the banquet hall, in the course of their conversation it was soon discovered that they had something in common. Ed was a Mason and Robert wished to be one. Ed assured Robert that he would take care of his wish.

Now how could Ed grant that wish? Well here is where the story gets interesting. When Ed got home he called the secretary of his mother lodge Riverside #862, Bro. Jim Ruzicka, Grand Ldg. of Illinois and asked him for some help in finding a Lodge in Indiana for Robert. Bro. Jim in turn made some enquiries of the Grand Sec. of the Grand Ldg. of Indiana who gave him the information needed, which he then relayed to Ed.

Ed contacted Bro. Eugene Wease the Sec. of Lake Ldg. #157 in Crown Point Indiana and gave him Robert’s information. The Bro. Gene contacted Robert who was quite surprised and very pleased. A petition was handed into the Lodge and was soon followed by the usual committees. A new candidate for masonry was slated for initiation. End of story, not quite.

On the 18th of October, 2006, Ed and I traveled to Crown Point a 9 hour drive to be at Robert’s initiation. Ed couldn’t be Robert’s official sponsor but never the less he felt obligated to be there as his Mentor. It was one of the best degrees I have witnessed and Bro. Robert was a great Candidate.

So how does one join masonry? Very fortunately for Robert Taylor he met a man who truly believes in the Principles and Tenets of Free Masonry and doesn’t let any obstacles such as different Masonic Jurisdictions or the border between two countries stand in the way. Though Ed lives in Canada and belongs to the Grand Ldg. of Canada in the Prov. of Ont. he took the time and made many phone calls to two different Masonic Jurisdictions to keep his promise to Robert and then traveled to be there with him as he took his first step into masonry. No better example of a Masonic Mentor can be found than in Bro. Ed McKay.

I am proud to call Ed my friend and my Brother and above all a Mentor. When its time for our Bro. Robert to be Raised to the Sublime Degree of a M.M, Ed and I will be there again to extend the hand that transcends all jurisdictions and borders, the hand of brotherhood, the hand of a Mentor.



As a follow up to this piece now 3 yrs later Bro. Ed is being honoured by the Grand Lodge of Canada. He is being awarded the William Mercer Wilson Award. This is the highest honour bestowed on a Master Mason who is not going through the chairs and has no intention to. It recognises his contributions to his family, his Community, his Lodge and Freemasonry in general.


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This is the exact path I was going to take with the guy on the board who couldn't figure out how to get his petition signed...