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How did you do it?

Benjamin Baxter

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When turning in your EA proficiency, did you turn it in sections or completely in one sitting?

A. In two sessions
B. In three sessions
C. Or one session


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A. in two. (Questions and answers)

But I've since learned to do all three degrees in one session.

Still ... I'm a slow learner. :blush:
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Michael Hatley

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That is the way my lodge arranged it, in two parts. Apparently thats how the lodge has done it for quite some time. I made a habit of not questioning that sort of thing as an EA.

Really though I think that doing it in two parts is just more convenient. I'm on the fence about which is better - generally speaking as far as masonry goes I believe challenging is good and the high roads are best. Would having it in one piece actually stop people we want stopped? Would it actually help long term memory retention? Or, is it just more challenging and thats all?

I can't argue with challenging = good, and I dig the work, so like I say I'm on the fence. If I'd done it in one piece I have a feeling I'd probably strongly favor it being done that way though, as it is, I know I'm still keen on the esoteric work and it didn't hurt me any to do it in two so it becomes a bit of a wash.

Dow Mathis

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C. I didn't know that it could be broken down until much later. Good idea not to tell me, I think. Otherwise, I'd have been tempted to not work as hard on it as I did.


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We normally do it in three sections. While researching the minutes of the lodge for the history that I am writing, I discovered that the lodge has pretty much always done it this way (though there are periods of time when there were a lot of degrees and not much mention of proficiencies). That way the apprentice gets a taste of success and wants to work towards getting it done. All three sections is a lot of work and some people do struggle with it. I was fortunate that I am employed by the man who taught me the work so we were able to practice daily. I turned in all three sections at once two weeks after my initiation. Some of the more seasoned of the lodge were impressed that I could learn that fast and I think I am an exception to the norm. Now that I am teaching, I expect the EA to be able to do the whole thing when he turns in his third section including the grip.


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Two sections, this was mainly because of my nervousness in presenting the work in front of the brethren, and my own insecurities. Once I did the first section, I returned the second in no time. It can be a good way to put the carrot on the stick, on the other hand it can cause laziness as others here have stated.

-Bro Vick


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Then what is the other parts your talking about because brothers I've traveled all over and haven't seen a man give back anything other than what I mentioned