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I am just getting started with this forum so here is a little about myself.
I was initiated, passed, and raised in Otis Hopkins Military Lodge #10 in Osan South Korea, District #21, Oklahoma Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliated. I transferred to Anchor and Ark Military Lodge #64, Kunsan South Korea, District #21, OK Jurisdiction, PHA where I was elected to preside in East. I am now demitting to TX Jurisdiction where I will soon be a member of Key West Lodge #257, Wichita Falls TX, PHA. I look forward to the discussions and hope that I will be able to share as well as receive light. Thank you for your time.

PM Timothy Lenker


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Welcome brother from Canada Blackwood lodge #311 Maple-Woodbridge Ontario York district


"Just in case"
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welcome to the boards. such a diversified history is a great asset around here!