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Going back after years…


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Tonight I’ll be attending my first lodge meeting since 2019 (Covid time frame). I’m a bit nervous because it’s been so long and it’s a new valley for me. We moved since then.

Any advice on what to do once I get there? I emailed the lodge secretary to let them know I was coming and they verified with my previous valley that I’m a member in good standing.

Obviously I remember the signs of a mason from BL but cannot for the life of me remember if SR has different signs when addressing other brothers.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to get back into things again.


Glen Cook

G A Cook
Site Benefactor
Smile, shake hands, introduce yourself, find someone to sit with, yell, “Go Pack” after the prayers.
Ok. Maybe not the last part, though I’d be cool with it.
Enjoy your freemasonry. Ain’t no one gonna take away your birthday.