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Gay Men in Masonry

Should gay men be allowed to join Masonry?

  • Yes

    Votes: 34 82.9%
  • No

    Votes: 7 17.1%

  • Total voters
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I'm not necessarily saying people are but in today's day and age and Society it seems like more and more they have to have a disqualification not to be accepted. Because if a person that is gay gets turned down for something in this case masonry and you don't have a big glaring disqualification then the critics are going holler that he was blackballed simply because he was gay. And that the institution of Freemasonry is homophobic.

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Oh, believe me I know what you're saying. We (not just Masons but everyone) overcorrects sometimes. ;)


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But I do not agree that just because a man is gay he should automatically get a pass to join if he wants to because we do not want to look as if we're homophobic
Oh, absolutely! I most certainly am not advocating that being gay is an automatic qualifier for Freemasonry! I am simply saying that banning someone from Freemasonry simply because of their sexual orientation is wrong.


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The fact of being "gay" is putting somebody in a box, after all this word meant being marry, happy. So basically not being kinda Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard 1 or 2. Even the psychology says that there is a scale of being gay. So for instance in growing "gayness" order one fellow can be less macho in the personal taste( ex like ballet etc), another one can have movements, voice more feminine that the man stereotype, another one can have had a dream, or in secret curiosity to approach the same sex, another one has had an experience in the past in secret, another one could try to hit(or giving the feeling) the other associates or having kinda of narcisistic and dramatic feminine behaviours. I think in a man association, ( I do not speak about ritual direct to the Freemasonry because I am not a direct member) the last 2 cases could generate some problem. Said that one of two my favorite human beings was Gay: Plato! (The other one not : Diego Armando Maradona.)


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Ron White said it best. Everyone is gay. It's just establishing how gay they are.

I won't link the video here, but there is some truth in comedy!
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