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From Galveston

Michael Hatley

Premium Member
Thought you fellas might dig this. This one is taken from Galveston Cemetary, in the eldest part. A high concentration of early Texas brethren laid to rest there.

Click to make it bigger :001_cool:


I do a fair bit of infrared photography and have been building up masonic material around Texas. If there is an interest I'll post up some more stuff over time.



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Wow. THat is really neat. I'm still pretty envious of your picture taking skills. Lol if there is a technical term for that. Not too long ago I did a research report on the Great Hurricane of 1900 that demolished Galveston. Found a bunch of the damaged Masonic Temple as it was called. Anyway, it got me to thinking that even though they hastily got rid of most of the bodies following the hurricane and flood, I'm betting that if someone did some deeper searching they would find plenty of Masonic headstones from that era. I thought that would be neat to see.

Awesome camera work, Brother. I, for one, would love to see some more Masonic stuff like that.


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Great picture...

Seeing my great grandfather's tombstone is what prompted me to find out more about the fraternity and seek out a lodge. He died in 1969 and had the S and C on his. My great grandmother passed in 2011 and had the Eastern Star on hers.

Brent Heilman

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Nice photo. I would really love to get into photography more and seeing photos like this are just inspiring to me. Thanks for the post.


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Bro. Michael, if you ever get around to making a trip to Gonzales, there is an entirely Masonic cemetery there. I stumbled across it once a few years ago and don't remember exactly where it is but I do remember that it is located in town along one the main streets.


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Bro hatless. If you turn the camera a little, it will straighten up the picture. No need to thank me for the tip. See you Thursday.