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Favorite Working Tool

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
What's your favorite working tool and why? Which one has stood out and is applied more often than others?


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My favorite Working tool is from the Emulation Ritual , it is one of the three working tools of a Master Mason .... the PENCIL .

The operative use of the Pencil is to draw up plans . The Speculative use of the pencil is to remind Masons that their words and deeds are recorded by the Great Architect , to whom they must give an account of their actions throughout their lives .

It makes me stop and think before I open my mouth or any deed I perform , I think to myself "do I want to answer for this action when I stand before the Great Architect ?" and that God is always watching me .
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Brother, I don't mean to reduce the quality of your answer, but as a perpetual student I wonder if this tool has a second tool attached: the ERASER. ;)

None of us is perfect. You can still see the first attempts, but you can see the better successive attempts on top.

Star Mztyk

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I believe this forum proves that some of the Modern Masons use a computer or electronic device as a working tool.


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I believe this forum proves that some of the Modern Masons use a computer or electronic device as a working tool.

Very true! It is, in some ways, a digital tracing board.

I think my favorite tool is the level, as all masons, regardless of what walk of life they come from, meet on the level when in lodge.

That is, at the moment anyway. It tends to change from time to time. I go on 'kicks.'


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It indeed changes from time to time.

The common gavel.
I'm always needing to knock off the rough spots.

Only to find I need to square up, straighten up and make better use of my time.

Yep, it changes.

Simplify to modify , and ask God for help in doing so.

Timothy Fleischer

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For me, the Trowel.
If I can spread brotherly love and not discontent then I think I am following Christ's commandments:
’You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.”

From that basis, I think the other tools fall into line more easily.

Michael Hatley

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I suppose the compasses are not technically a working tool, but they are my favorite symbol in all of masonry. All of my life I have been a man of opinions, and my ambition and passions have brought me success, but with costs. I'm a natural firebrand.

As I am now my grandfather's primary care giver, I have observed daily how he allows others to get the last word, to state his opinon and move on, and to maintain his humility. This strengthens the weight of his words rather than weakens over the long haul. And it reflects the genuine respect he has for others. I have observed the same behavior in a number of my worthy brethren.

So I take very seriously the idea of moderation, and I think of the compasses very often. I think what they represent are the key to being a better man, for me.

The common gavel and trowel, after that, in equal measure.