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Here is the Link I am born of Light.06/28/1983 the perfect geo Square
Bloodline Bolden and Tillman
I walked and travel I the desert of more.light I believe its.obivious the brothers who arent of a lodge and home are they with and a aware of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the true origin
Clear here whether we want to or not it's evolving right before our eye the say brother to pirates and to say i will come along the way amongst ah stray is it not if in my postion meant to help Him along the way
...the Tru understanding of what a square individual represents doesn't in any way start in the.lodge that's more the Ying and.yang of darkness and light It starts from within to get to the full core of it is to understand your self In Birth we talk rituals but first firstritual of self is Birth getting to this tree.of life and through the garden of eden .
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