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Choosing Your Mark


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Got mine, though it has not my mark on the other side, ours goes in the book. Looks, however, like one side of mine.


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Although some of the uses of your mark are traditional,others are very practical. Read the reason for the penny that others have mentioned and how the mark relates.

Ed Nelson

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I'm in the process of choosing my mark right now.
After the Mark Master degree, the Secretary showed me the book of marks, and I see some brothers have gone waaaaaay overboard with their marks...intricate, stylized designs od pictures and symbols that could never be chiseled into a stone.
I am leaning toward something very traditional and simplistic. If I needed to chisel it, I could do it in 4 strokes.


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I am about to enter the YR and wanted to you pick your mark from examples that are shown to you or can you simply make one of your own?


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Mine ended up being a tad intricate, but that's okay. I don't intend on using it to mark much stonework. ;) it is representative of myself and I can reproduce it, that's all that matters to me.

Brother JC

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Mine's very simple, horizontals, right-angles, and perpendiculars. I had also used it as an identifier for years before I became a Mason.

Willaim Perkins

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At our York Rite meetings, it is mandatory for the members to have their coin on them as we do a "Mark Check" under 'good of the Order'. Failure to have it with you results in a $1 fine.


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Mine is my Dad'sbrand, from the old days when he used to run a few cattle. As others have noted, it;s right angles, horizontals and perpendiculars, incorporates our initials, and isn't too hard to carve ;-)


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I am told that some use numbers and letter for their mark. I am thinking of using a combination of letters and a number that I use every day to identify myself. It is already my mark and has been for decades.