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Book Suggestion: "Tell Me More About the Mark Degree" by Rev'd Neville Barker Cryer


Site Benefactor
Site Benefactor
This is a terrific book for the Royal Arch Mason who wants to learn the heritage and history of the Masonic fraternity. It sheds important light on the history of the Mark Degree. Before I read it I wondered why the Mark Degree warranted a study of it's own. After reading the book, I now understand the place the Mark Degree, the Mark Mason, and the Mark Master hold in Masonic history.

I recommend this book to any Mason, but especially Royal Arch Masons. For the Master Mason, it should stir a desire for more light. For the Royal Arch Mason, it will help explain the significance and sequencing of the Craft and Royal Arch degrees as we practice them today.

This book will hold the most significance for a Royal Arch Mason who has participated in the Royal Arch degrees several times. Having performed the esoteric work, the Royal Arch Mason will appreciate the context and be able to relate the descriptions against a frame of reference which will bring more life to the book.

A great, easy read that will provide a little more light for the Mason. It can be found on by searching on the title. Enjoy brethren and companions!