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Book Review: "What Do You Know About The Royal Arch?"


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Title: What Do You Know About The Royal Arch?Author: Rev'd Neville Barker Cryer​

This book is a compilation of 10 informative lectures on different aspects of Royal Arch Masonry. I enjoy all of Rev'd Cryer's books, but I found this one a little more difficult to follow. Don't get me wrong, it is a good book and it's highly informative, but the lectures focus largely on the Royal Arch as it exists in England. There are some comparisons to the American degrees, but the lectures are focused on English Royal Arch Masonry.

I particularly enjoyed the lectures on "Ineteresting Variations in Present Royal Arch Ceremonies" and "Moses, Aholiab, and Bezaleel". Closely behind those I thoroughly enjoyed "Is Royal Arch Really The Supreme Degree?".

For me, it was somewhat easier to follow the lectures because I've read other books by Rev'd Cryer and I'm familiar with his references and comparisons. Where this book differs from his other works is that it doesn't directly source the information in the lectures. The premise of the book is that these are lectures and- therefore- are conversational in nature, not documentary.

All-in-all, a good book to add to your knowledge and to your library! Recommend without hesitation! You can find it on

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