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Being Raised 08/25/2012


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I am sure you have been told, but when I was MC, I always told the candidate to
1) Relax - you CANT screw up.
2) Be receptive and attentive to not only your physical surroundings, but your mental and spiritual surroundings as well. Go in an empty vessel.
3) You have the rest of your life to reflect on the events that will happen to you, so enjoy.


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Congratulations!! I should be getting my Royal Arch, and possibly the cryptic degrees that same morning up here in Russellville...


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You're being Raised at 9 a.m.? I've never before heard of degrees so early in the day. Welcome and enjoy the incredible day.

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Welcome Brother! I am glad you enjoyed the experience. I wish you the best as you continue to seek further light