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Anyone sport the top hat?


Premium Member
I almost bought one for my installation, but it's such a departure from local tradition that I decided against it. I'm not a cowboy hat kinda guy, so I settled on a fedora.

Still can't help but wonder, does anyone in this state wear a top hat in the East?

Michael Hatley

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There is a fella in the line at Holland #1 that wears one for conferring degrees, haven't asked if he'll wear it in the East or not.

I keep wondering if they'd let me get away with a big black sombrero. Maybe on practice nights :)


I've got a top hat ready for my installation this sat. It's a bit of a departure when more WMs wear cowboy hats, but our last WM wore a fedora and so I figured 'why not get a top hat?'


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We actually have one on the hat rack in our lodge. A couple of Brothers who have used it in the East in the past still use it when they confer degrees. I kinda like it, but I don't think that I would actually wear it if I was in the East. Just my taste is all.

California Master

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I need to add that I had to wear a top hat which I purchased. However, we have a very old one in the lodge that I wear simply because it was made by the John B. Stetson Hat Company. Bout as close to a cowboy hat as I could get.


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We have a top hat in the East up here in Fairbanks. I personally like it but cowboy hat or a fedora works to depending on the local norms.