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165 Years of Freemasonry - Gonzales No. 30 A.F. & A.M.

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
I'm big on submitting any and every article about what our Lodge does to the local papers. The main paper in my community, the Gonzales Inquirer, recently hired a new Editor. I figured it was time to type up a new article, submit the usual photo and that would be it. Oddly enough, they requested additional information and photos, which of course I provided. Two weeks later, I was sent a PDF file of a full page article of the Lodge, history, etc. I was floored! It looked fantastic! The editor asked for corrections, so I informed him that our little Lodge has provided 5 not 4 Grand Masters of Texas! I also corrected a few on a few errors, namely in the famous freemason sidebar. Anyway, since the article is so big I'm not sure it'll be available online, but here is the rough draft. The correct one should be printed in tomorrows newspaper....

View attachment Our Neighbors.pdf

Premium Member
Awesome Indeed! Very proactive of you I might add! Thank you for the light and way to the pour the cement!


"Just in case"
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Great job. I'm finding that the lodge has neglected tried and true methods of communicating with the community, and it's really tough to get it back.