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  1. swole

    is there any onion creek members here

    I am currently studying in OC #220. Instruction is Mondays and Thursdays and there is someone always available. I am currently an EA there and the brothers there are very helpful with tips in studies. They take the time according to your schedule and are always there when you are ready. At first...
  2. swole


    Looks good! Hope it doesn't become a disappointment like The Hulk. The Hulk is one of my favorites but the first movies failure passed on to the second :(. Lets hope Thor is better! Looks good so far!
  3. swole

    Awesome site thanks. Checking it out now!
  4. swole

    Motorola Xoom

    It looks cool but i could never get into tablets since my phone does all of that. I would just be paying an extra internet bill.
  5. swole

    Awwwwee MAAANN!!!

    What happened to the daily games? That saved my butt so many times since i work the night shift!!
  6. swole

    Lousy Masonic Facebook Pages

    I agree. What's with the devils worshiping thing anyway? I was asked that by last week (again) and when I said no they said, "Well it was on google!" .......(o.0)............Really?
  7. swole

    Bill Lins is kicked out of Target

    I was laughing so much. I have a very vivid imagination and imagine him actually doing those things. Too funny!
  8. swole

    Hello from a new EA

    Someone didn't read article
  9. swole

    Are you a turtle?

    Hahaha thats awesome! Turtle turtle!
  10. swole

    Why Netflix Isn't On Android Yet (and Only Some Android Phones Will Get It)

    My samsung galaxy has a pretty big screen excellent picture. I would love to have netflix on my phone. I watched avatar on it. Kept me entertained. It would work for people like myself since I'm always on the go.
  11. swole

    Given a one way ticket to Mars... would you?

    I wouls be the only lakers fan on mars and would throw venomous rocks at those who opposed. Lol
  12. swole

    LOTRO Discussion

    Dunno if you brothers gave seen wow discounts of $5 on amazon. I guess cuz of the holidays and the new expansion pack coming out. Perfect time for me to get into it!
  13. swole

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy turkey day to all of my brothers on MOTx. May you and your families enjoy a beautiful day of giving thanks.
  14. swole


    I believe Ross us blatantly saying he is a Free Mason. I think that rap can be used as a tool to spread the craft to those interested if done correctly. Rap music already had a bad rap (no pun intended) and the word "accusation" is usually used in a negative light. I believe people are reading...
  15. swole

    Moderator Bill Lins

    Bro. Bill....Awesome shirt! hahaha, I need one of those!
  16. swole

    This Is How a Heavy Storm Looks Inside a Cruise Liner

    Jeeze that lady smaked the crap out of that pole with her face! Hope she was ok. I could not stop laughing at the end when that guy was riding the piano! hahahahaha. all laughs aside if it were a different ship it would have been a tragic loss of life.
  17. swole

    What do I call him?

    Vinny, You're in Copperas Cove? I have family there. My Mother and sister both reside there. My sister was to become an Eastern Star but I do not know what became of it. I visit when I can due to my hectic schedule. Small world!
  18. swole

    Artwork by Swole

    Thanks I may work on another tonight
  19. swole

    Artwork by Swole

    thanks papa tom for that info. I did not know that. I made it more for Master Masons than myself but was not sure if it would bother anyone. I have seen other artists making masonic artwork without being in the craft but just inspiration. Since I figured I was pretty good with photoshop I...
  20. swole

    Artwork by Swole

    I just felt like making this and decided to share. Please let me know if this bothers anyone and I will take it down. Thanks. :) [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]