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  1. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

    Deacon Jones
  2. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

    Hawkshaw Hawkins
  3. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

  4. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

    Barney Rubble
  5. RedTemplar

    Parlimentry proedures in open lodge, Roberts rules of order?

    In my lodge, The WM opens, rules, and governs his lodge. This also means he interprets the constitution while presiding. On occasion, however, some WMs have been known to "abdicate" their authority to the PMs.
  6. RedTemplar

    Putin a Mason?

    Many have received the Degrees. Are they all Masons?
  7. RedTemplar

    Visitation Between Prince Hall and Regular Lodges

    We know the tree by the fruit it bears.
  8. RedTemplar

    What Symbol is this?

    It could represent the highest of hills and lowest of valleys.
  9. RedTemplar

    Masonic Favoritism

    ".....such persons, when associated together, will naturally seek each others welfare and happiness equally with their own." Is this not true with most groups?
  10. RedTemplar

    Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wants

    Re: Wife having a problem with Freemasonry, she wa Please forgive me if I am mistaken. but if you have an extra minute or a spare dime, the preacher thinks it belongs to him.
  11. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

  12. RedTemplar

    Why do people leave/ become inactive?

    Many are called but few are chosen. There is a saying currently popping up on masonic facebook sites that proclaims, "Any man can be a Mason. But not every man can be a Mason". There is a lot of truth to this.
  13. RedTemplar


    Howdy, Bro. Mike! Lonesome Pine #884 is a beautiful lodge that sits in a most beautiful area of Pine Mountain, Kentucky.
  14. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

    Anwar Sadat
  15. RedTemplar

    Visitation Between Prince Hall and Regular Lodges

    Re: Visitation Between Prince Hall and Regular Lod As some around here keep saying, "Just a few more masonic burials".
  16. RedTemplar

    reference to freemasonary in recent t.v serials

    Re: reference to freemasonary in recent t.v serial Does anyone remember watching The Andy Griffith Show when Goober blackballs Howard Sprague?
  17. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

  18. RedTemplar

    The Name Game

    Wink Martindale
  19. RedTemplar

    One black ball?

    Regardless of which method we use at the ballot box, we need to make sure the West Gate is securely guarded. We should be able to trust a Mason with our families. I have sat in lodge with men that I would not trust being alone with my dog. I have been taught that it is better to turn away 100...
  20. RedTemplar

    House Stenographer Dragged Off Floor

    We have survived Phillip The Fair, Papal Bulls, Adolph Hitler, and burnt fish. This, too, shall pass.