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  1. DJGurkins

    My Wife Has Petitioned

    Sorry I have been busy with work etc... I was initiated and sat in my first stated meeting this month. I was also asked to protem for the Associate Worthy Patron as he was filling in for our Worthy Patron. Great experience. Wow these ladies know how to draw in visitors for other chapters.
  2. DJGurkins

    Model Railroaders

    Are there any Model Railroaders in this forum? I am just getting into it for the model building and something to do with my Grand daughter. I just bought a cheap DCC starter set and will begin a 4x8 layout real soon.
  3. DJGurkins

    Mississippi E.O.S.

    I will be Initiated 8/27/14
  4. DJGurkins

    Co-Masonry - Are they the same as non masons?

    I have been a MM for almost 1 year and am far from a expert. But doesn't Freemasonry take Good Men And Make Them Better. Masonry does not make the man good. I believe a person should always associate with people that help him or her to improve themselves. Now I chose Regular Freemasonry another...
  5. DJGurkins

    My Wife Has Petitioned

    I will be Initiated the 27th of this month. My wife is Martha so she is very exited and she has memorized her entire part.
  6. DJGurkins

    First degree question on study materials??

    I am a truck driver so I drive ALOT. I would visit my mentor and learn 2 or three questions, then I would practice it when driving and before bed. When I got caught on a word I would call my mentor and give him three words and he would give me one or two in return and that would be enough to...
  7. DJGurkins

    Dealing with lazy EA's

    Hello Brothers I was initiated last year in March. I started showing up at the lodge one night before a meeting and haven't stopped. I was Raised in August. When I was initiated the WM. told me he was available on Sun mornings around 9am for study and another Brother told me to call anytime I...
  8. DJGurkins

    My Wife Has Petitioned

    Well I turned in my petition and process has begun. they should be voting on me next months stated meeting. looking forward to this new path.
  9. DJGurkins

    Blue Lodge Raffle

    Thank You Brothers. I am always amazed by how much good advice and information a Brother can get on this site.
  10. DJGurkins

    Blue Lodge Raffle

    We probably can. Do you think that will be required?
  11. DJGurkins

    Blue Lodge Raffle

    I have looked in the Texas Grand Lodge Law book but cant find anything related to raffles put on by a local lodge. We are getting ready to have a Raffle and one of the items is going to be a Rifle by Savage in the caliber the winner chooses. The easiest way to do this is give them a certificate...
  12. DJGurkins

    Wreath Ceremony at The Alamo 3/1/2014

    (The ALAMO – without YOU!) IS IT ON YOUR CALENDAR? If not – why not write it down; because we all want to see you there! EA’s, FC’s and Families are Welcome to each event – so bring yours! We will meet at the Gallagher House about 08:00/08:15 am 723 East Houston Street, 78205...
  13. DJGurkins


    First off I should say I agree with this article with one caveat. The average pay of an American worker has not risen at the same rate of inflation. Plus the items the average American pays for in their home has gone way up( Phone electricity cable water taxes insurance...) not to mention the...
  14. DJGurkins

    Dues--What's too low and what's too high?

    I am going to get an Endowment for myself. That will allow me to pay my dues when I can thru the year( because an endowment is intended to provide for the lodge after you are gone)instead of by Dec. 31 . December is a difficult time traditionally, With Christmas and all. So what I plan on doing...
  15. DJGurkins

    Kind of a Roll Call- 4 questions

    We don't go dark any time thru the year. we will probably start opening up for socializing 2 Saturdays a month.
  16. DJGurkins

    Saturday Mornings

    Thanks Brothers. I think it will be well received. My wife and I are going to donate the coffee and I will probably pick up some donuts on the way. I Really think this can be a step in the right direction to getting some of the Brothers who cant attend regularly to show up and get to know some...
  17. DJGurkins

    Saturday Mornings

    That is what I was thinking. Other members even suggested we have a game night or something to that effect.
  18. DJGurkins

    Fundrasing ideas?

    We just did a Tamale fund raiser in Nov. and Dec. They were 7.50 per doz. and the lodge made 3.00 a doz. We were raising money for scholarships. We wanted to raise 1000.00 and we raised over 1200.00. This was a prepay event so we just printed out flyers with order forms on the bottom and handed...
  19. DJGurkins


    Welcome Brother. Remember as other Brothers have told me and others it is not a race to learn your work. You will never stop learning as a Mason so just enjoy.
  20. DJGurkins

    Saturday Mornings

    I am going to make a suggestion at our lodge for opening up the lodge on Saturday mornings twice a month for coffee donuts and maybe breakfast. I was thinking that this might be a good way to get Brothers who cant come during the week due to work or other obligations to come down and just relax...