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    Stranded brethren

    my hat is off to them, for such a generous offer of kindness! I've been stranded in an airport before (about 6 hours and three planes later) and it was miserable, but I cannot imagine being in their situation!
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    Received from a Brother

    Excellent poem, definitely words to live by! ;)b
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    Lindale #848 brethren?

    Maybe more details are needed... I have a friend who will be petitioning the Lindale Lodge #848 this next month and was looking for an inside ear, to keep me abreast of his degree dates. I’d love to attend and if possible help out. ;) I'm sure my friend will let me know when he does, but...
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    Bro JBD, couldn't agree more! and it only gets better from here.
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    Under 40 Degree Team

    That thought was comforting to me when I was SD for the first time. However, I did want it to be as letter perfect as possible, but of course that's only something to strive for! Congrats on the young participation! It is really impressive to see a crew of younger men working together.
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    Lindale #848 brethren?

    Do we have any Brothers here on Masons of Texas, from Lindale #848 AFAM? I am in need of some enlightenment. If a few, or one could PM me, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks, Letney
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    Hello Bretheren

    howdy! I hope your work goes well for you.
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    Howdy from 669 AFAM

    Hey Bro. Michael, been good. Extremely busy. My wife and I are moving out to Central (from Beulah), so the last few weeks have been nothing but a sore blur. It's amazing how much junk you can accumulate in so short a time! We're almost done and I'm glad. This has interrupted my study time and...
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    Howdy from 669 AFAM

    Thank you.
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    Howdy from 669 AFAM

    Just wanted to say hello from Lufkin and that I have really enjoyed reading the Masonic articles. Thank you for such a great site. Fraternally, Letney