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  1. Star Mztyk

    Your Ring

    I got my ring from a family friend who died 3 months before receiving his 70 year pin. It is simple and has cornflowers on each side. It is very crude and ancient and something any other metaphysical maggot would eat dead crap for... or was that die and eat crap for.....oh well....maybe the...
  2. Star Mztyk

    Why not visitation?

    I think about in the GLoT liturgy of why I was presented an seems we have lost the symbolic innocence of the lamb. What it stands for is a philosophy of conduct esscentially important in being admitted into that Supreme Grand Lodge, not of this world, where the SAoftheU presides...
  3. Star Mztyk

    Spell & Magic

    .....where is a hairy potter when you need him? I guess he is at his wheel.
  4. Star Mztyk

    The Craftsman's Symbology, Book 1

    ....Brother Mongelli... I would love to write a book but I am sure I would have to clear it with my Grand Lodge. It is based tightly upon our trial lecture which is very Secret and strongly guarded that not a single word should change. I Know Why!! We are taught that in the formation 0f King...
  5. Star Mztyk

    Cipher Books In Lodge

    I Am Recognized by the Grand Lodge of A Certificate hangs on the wall. Now Listen to me.. if you take your cannidate through his degrees should already be sharing secrets with him and informing him that Bond that you are his Brother and he would have to commit murder or be...
  6. Star Mztyk

    Masonic Secrets: Some Thoughts

    WELL .....DAMN...THE Secret is out! Guess what?... at one time it was more dangerous to be an astrologer than a Mason......and Benjamin Franklin was both. I expect my Grand Lodge to except the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas before my expertise. I vote for a True Chartered Lodge.
  7. Star Mztyk

    Proposed Resolutions for 2013!

    Understand that this recomendation is only for consideration for Resolutions in the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Texas.... A few years ago local lodges were allowed to open and contract business in other than a Masters such....Stewards who serve basically outside all lodges...
  8. Star Mztyk

    is it required to be initiated to learn the mysteries?

    Wonderful comments here...and I would love to offer one more. My Dad is now nearly 84 ....his next pin is a 70 year Mason. He had an A Certificate before I was born....and that said....this is what he told me. As a child I would ask him if certain freinds of the family were Masons. His reply...
  9. Star Mztyk

    Origins of Masonry?

    .... I would have to vote... Other. The reason being that if we not only look at the ancient civilizations that built equally as old Temples to chart the face of the heavens, fixed stars....and other particular occurances as the Soltices and Equinoxes, they were obviously studying the Blueprint...
  10. Star Mztyk

    Deep in the Heart of Texas

    Congratulations Bro. Hill... I had one student get his FC degree the 19th and that same night was also an EA degree that two of my EA students worked the degree. A thinker like you should like the FC as much as I do....take heed to the two artificial spherical bodies representing the...
  11. Star Mztyk

    The Name Game

    Tucker Carlson
  12. Star Mztyk

    Masonic Wedding

    Not to be mixing apples and oranges here at the fruit market....but my mother passed away back in March and by pre-arrangement she got an OES funeral .....which was the only Masonic body of affiliation that she belonged to. Some pun slightly intended....she was the Star of that show.
  13. Star Mztyk

    The Name Game

    Paul Simon
  14. Star Mztyk

    denouncing freemasonry

    Maybe I have somehow mis-read his post.....but it seems to me that by his own admonition that he has not been raised and that is the issue.
  15. Star Mztyk

    Go ahead and rant....we need the release

    There is a fine art in the process of correcting people in what the GLoT calls the esoteric work. I have one EA student about to turn in his work...and he knows the right liturgy....but I will not verbally correct him while he does this in an open EA lodge. I do however have certain body...
  16. Star Mztyk

    Friday the 13th

  17. Star Mztyk

    In need of light!

    Bro. Cameron... I see your hand on his back as you are supporting him in those efforts of reforming his actions. This means spending time together....Here is a thought. Refresh with each other on the EA work....and share those wonderful times again... he (as well as You) need those...
  18. Star Mztyk

    What would you do?

    ....I agree 100% with Bro. Marrs....because that is one Great and Laudable undertaking...that leaves me at a lack of words.