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  1. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Is Freemasonry anti-Christian? I think not.

    My apologies, sir, and the best of luck to you!
  2. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Blue Lodge Dues

    We went to $75 this year from $45 in previous years. We knew we needed to raise to accomodate the increase from GL, and we also knew that we could do better to have a little more in the bank. I still think it's a deal. I understand concerns about the costs for people on fixed incomes, like the...
  3. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Is Freemasonry anti-Christian? I think not.

    I have never seen where Masonry provides anyone with a plan of salvation. What I have seen though is that through it's teachings, you are more drawn to understand the GAOTU. It is not a religion, or religious, but we are compelled to spend some time dedicating ourselves to God, in order to build...
  4. TexasAggieOfc1273

    What office for 2001-12?

    I won't be holding an office this year. I stood aside because my work schedule wasn't conducive to me being a SW...
  5. TexasAggieOfc1273

    How long before you visited another lodge?

    A couple of months after I was raised, I visited Mount Vernon 691. Worked in a MM degree for them during one of the snow storms a couple of months later. Before my first year up, I also made it to Forrest 19 (Huntsville). I've thoroughly enjoyed getting around and metting other brothers at their...
  6. TexasAggieOfc1273


    Agreed... we recently increased our dues 66% to $75. Now, about half of that was due to the GLoTX's increase in per capita, but still an ugly situation to find yourself in. Still 4 of 4 newsletters about $$$? Maybe attempt to strike a balance? Show what the money is going to?
  7. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Official DDGM Visit

    While there's something to be said for a dress code, there's no way a suit and tie (much less a tuxedo) dress code would fly up here in NE Texas. I've seen WMs in their overalls. As said about Central Texas, we've got too many farmers out here who come in from the fields for Lodge. I'm not...
  8. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Master Masons Apron

    David, I presume you're a Master Mason. The apron has to be a certain dimesion (16"x16" if I recall correctly) to be considered a "regulation apron, though many Lodges within the GLoTX don't actively enforce that law. It's a shame that the apron was not disposed of in the manner which it was...
  9. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Who owns your Lodge's real estate and other property, really?

    Well, I looked, at least from the legal aspect. The County Appraisal District shows that my Lodge is owned by my Lodge.
  10. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Hello from N.E.Texas

    Welcome to the board opos!
  11. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Masonic License Plates

    I don't know that I care for the design that much... the money raised by the State for the plates also would only go to the General Revenue fund, and I don't know that I care for that either. They at the very least could designate the funds towards public education in Texas...
  12. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Clarification on background checks....

    Also, I don't really see where LEOs needed an edict from GL... after all, isn't it a criminal offense to improperly use TLETS/TCIC? I seem to remember that from my TCIC class last summer
  13. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Is putting Freemason on you resume akin to Advertizing?

    In my line of work (Law Enforcement), most of our applications are Personal History Statements. 40+ pages of every employer we've ever worked for, details on my wife, ex-wife, kids, brothers, sisters, mother, father, and in-laws, credit history, medical history, any traffic ticket ever received...
  14. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Clarification on background checks....

    I know that I've done checks on folks before through the DPS CRS... pay $3.50 and get a person's full Texas Criminal History
  15. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Information Request: The A.L.L. program

    More thanks Bro Owls... Looking forward to reviewing this material
  16. TexasAggieOfc1273

    EA, FC and MM test questions..

    As long as you're in Texas, they should be the same from Lodge to Lodge...
  17. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Regarding Your Masonic Membership

    Being a police officer, I can't really advertise when I'm on duty... though I'm getting some new personalized tags for my personal vehicle that will display it proudly.
  18. TexasAggieOfc1273

    Who has their rocker or wants one?

    Assuming I continue to be elected, I'll be there in two years... will be 29 when I take my seat in the East, 30 at the end of the term.
  19. TexasAggieOfc1273

    JW Reading the Law

    Thanks Bro. Bill... I'll address it on Monda
  20. TexasAggieOfc1273

    JW Reading the Law

    I read ours at least every other stated meeting... though I'm working out of a 2007 version