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  1. Papatom

    Head Covered

    Another question, esotric work requires the word GOD, how would he get around this?
  2. Papatom

    Head Covered

    How can a Muslum sit in the east wearing a turban?
  3. Papatom

    What do you like most about Masons of Texas?

    Just keep on keeping on.
  4. Papatom

    I'm such a goober

    Suggestion; hide a $20 bill some where or a extra CC. and carry a door key in your wallet. I have locked mine in my truck many times, now I have an extra key in my wallet.
  5. Papatom

    Lodge Contacts

    Fredricksburg Lodge #794, Stated meeting 2nd Monday, practice every Monday night at 5:30,execpt stated night,practice Wednesday Morning at 10 AM. Dress causal. Master, Bobby Banes, Sec. Mike Starks [url]WWW.fredericksburg masonic lodge
  6. Papatom

    Lodge Contacts

    Brother Ray, who is a member, has a lot of GPS locations for lodges. I think he is a member of Magnolia lodge.
  7. Papatom

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen

    I would drive all the way from Fredericksburg to see that.
  8. Papatom

    Gorgeous Lodge Rooms

    Did you take these pictures? You must travel a lot.
  9. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Just a good note; Fredericksburg Lodge #794 all three Officers are "A" certificate carrying Brothers, and two appointed officers are "B" certified. I think that is a great accomplishment for a small lodge with under 100 members.
  10. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Are you going to share your LIQUID LODGE with other brothers?
  11. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Do you think R.W. Carnes and R.W. Rogers can get the law changed back? I for one would sure like to see it happen. This past week I visited three lodges and 2 (TWO) could not even come close to opening or closing. Talk about short form.
  12. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Sometimes you can talk a terrorist into giving up.
  13. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Do you know the difference between a terrorist and a ritualist?
  14. Papatom

    Opening and closing lodge

    Should the Worshipful Master and both Wardens be able to open and close all four lodges correctly?
  15. Papatom

    Grand Lodge of Texas Codebook

    Anybody, are we going to answer.
  16. Papatom

    Head Table Etiquette

    Very wise thoughts, Brother Bill. It would sure seem that it should be done this way, after all it is the troops that pay the way.
  17. Papatom

    Favorite Degree?

    Brother Jerry, if you can listen to Brother John Artz Past Master at Oak Forest lodge explain the FC degree. He can do it like nobody else.
  18. Papatom

    Inactive lodge information...

    I have the newest one, Directory of constituent lodges in Texas 2009-2010. I just go it a couple of weeks ago. You can order it from Grand Lodge at 254-753-7395 I use mne in many ways, I like to look up where brothers on this web site is from (city) and the current officers.
  19. Papatom

    Artwork by Swole

    Great art. Did you know that as an EA the square should be above the points of the compass? As you proceed you will find out the difference. No it does not bother me, I think it looks great.
  20. Papatom

    Texas Mason Magazine

    Given to the Doctor's office, where else do people have a lot of time waiting to be seen. But Doctors are getting better about that.