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  1. Spring TX MM

    I just got my first degree!

    Congratulations, brother and welcome. Freemason Connect Mobile
  2. Spring TX MM

    Brothers what is wrong with this picture.

    I learned this from one of Bro. Blake's threads; The American Commissioner of Patents in 1872 ruled that the square and compasses emblem could not be used in any trademark or trade name for commercial purposes. Maybe this ruling could be of use. I'm no lawyer. lol S&F, Kyle
  3. Spring TX MM

    Sign of the Times

    Sending you a pm, brother.
  4. Spring TX MM

    L.I.F.E. Program?

    Well first off, thanks for the info. Secondly, this would be about like scanning a document for your company that was written by your company for its employees and then distributing it to your employees. Make sense? S&F, Kyle
  5. Spring TX MM

    Finding a new Lodge

    Here is the Grand Lodge locator page. I'm not familiar with the San Antonio area in much detail as I'm from Houston but hopefully this link will help you find a nearby lodge. S&F, Kyle
  6. Spring TX MM

    L.I.F.E. Program?

    I'll try to scan my life books into a PDF and send them. May be a week or so before I can get to it but I've been needing a good excuse to make a digital copy anyway. My lodge teaches the Lodge Instruction For Effectiveness program in a workshop forum. A lot of it pertains to TX GL forms...
  7. Spring TX MM

    Wardens' columns

    Happy I was able to find it. That is one of the articles I have archived for my personal collection and read aloud in my lodge. Glad you enjoyed. Thanks again to Bro. Blake for the OP.
  8. Spring TX MM

    Felony Record

    again, I am a traditionalist who feels it an honor to be called a brother.. My point is.. I believe circumstances tell a story too. I knows I give 110% in and out of lodge and it is disheartening to see a brother want to wear the Jersey but not play on the team. I'm sorry, I am confused. Who...
  9. Spring TX MM

    Felony Record

    To this post, I say in my opinion, we shouldn't expect anything in return. We should have the satisfaction of giving to something greater without the thought of receiving anything in return. The process of becoming "better men" is entangled with the act of living and sharing our principle...
  10. Spring TX MM

    Felony Record

    Brother, based on the question in the OP(original post), the Brother specifically asked if it was allowed(summarized) based on Texas GL Laws. Based on TX GL Laws, the answer is NO. This isn't to say that the person isn't a good man or that some unfortunate set of circumstances befell him in...
  11. Spring TX MM

    Suit & Tie/Tuxedo or Casual/Plain Clothes

    I agree with the suit and tie for stated meetings. At least a dress shirt and coat is nice for degrees. We are a very laid back lodge as well. We even have a few kilt wearers. :D No, its not me!
  12. Spring TX MM

    Suit & Tie/Tuxedo or Casual/Plain Clothes

    What do you wear to lodge, stated meeting, degrees or other? What do you feel should be worn? Do your lodge officers wear something different than everyone else? I am just curious about what everyone thinks. S&F, Kyle I am sure Brother Lins wears a 3 piece suit to every communication, right...
  13. Spring TX MM

    Lady gaga is a freemason!

    Maybe some of you crusaders out there could look into this. I stole this from Bro. Blake's Masonic trivia collection post... The Commissioner of Patents In 1872 ruled what in regards to the Masonic Square and Compass emblem? That it could not be used in a trademark, trade name or for other...
  14. Spring TX MM

    Wardens' columns

    There is a great post in the vast wealth of information on this site that describes some of what I think you are looking for. It begins about the Wardens and about half way down, states a good amount about the Columns. The OP was by Bro. Blake. Here is the link...
  15. Spring TX MM

    Are fourm threads to stimulate Discussion

    I know brother. I was just excited to see I wasn't the only one.
  16. Spring TX MM

    Are fourm threads to stimulate Discussion

    I am sure you meant level and plumb! Okay, thought I would throw it out there with an "lol" in hopes of lightening the mood. By the way, very good responses here. I don't think I could provide anything better(more useful) than those posted here. I very much enjoyed reading them. Good points...
  17. Spring TX MM

    How did you do it?

    One turn in for me.
  18. Spring TX MM

    Any other A.F.&A.M Masons at FOB Sharana?

    For those not aware, FOB means Forward Operating Base. Keep your head down Brother and God Speed. Thank you for your service, Brother. Sincerely & Fraternally, Kyle
  19. Spring TX MM

    Felony Record

    Well, maybe I misinterpreted the OP intent. Its possible but if not for posts of Brethren like yourself and others, if the intent was to gain understanding and opinions, the resulting argument might be one sided. This is a discussion forum and thus, your opinions and insight count, at least to...