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  1. bupton52

    GL of Florida recognizes Florida PHA GL

    Yeah brother, I just wasn't about to type all of that from my phone. lol
  2. bupton52

    GL of Florida recognizes Florida PHA GL Sent from my iPad using My Freemasonry Mobile
  3. bupton52

    Pros and Cons of Consolidation

    What are your thoughts on this? Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having a single GL made up of a merger of the GL and PHGL of the respective state? What of one for the entire US modeled off of the way the UGLE is structured with provincial (state) GLs? Sent from my iPhone using My...
  4. bupton52

    How many new lodges ?

    If you happen to have a price for those, or some similar, let me know. Highland Heights #200 could use a set.
  5. bupton52

    PHA recognition

    Since the National GL was abandoned and shut down, the PHO body that exists today is one that carried on without authority. They put replacement GLs in states where the legitimate GLs had defected from them. This PHO no longer has lineage. They are clandestine.
  6. bupton52

    How many new lodges ?

    Can you do find some more of those bedposts?
  7. bupton52

    How many new lodges ?

    Starting a lodge because of being dissatisfied with your current lodge is definitely not the answer. Use your vote. Make the change that way if leadership is the problem. I read so much that I often times find myself bringing information to the lodge versus taking something away, it just depends.
  8. bupton52

    Texas KOP

    I share your concern........ Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  9. bupton52

    Texas KOP

    Hit me up via PM. I am working with DASD Fred Walker to get a KOP Council started in the Spring area very soon. It would be great to have more brothers join.
  10. bupton52

    Mutual Intervisitation Between The Grand Lodge Of Texas And The Prince Hall Grand Lodge Of Texas App

    I'm not from Old Town Spring, but I live in the Spring area @phamason15
  11. bupton52

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    Get well Brother Bill!!
  12. bupton52

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

    The PHGL of Liberia is AF&AM @Mindovermatter Ace
  13. bupton52

    Mutual Recognition in TX??

    Just keep your fingers crossed Bro. @Jamarr/G\ and @Bro. Stewart P.M. ............
  14. bupton52


    Good to see you made that change. What GL did you come from? Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  15. bupton52

    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    That is usually what the clandestine organizations teach. It is very easy to tell who is legitimate and who isn't. There is no feud of PHA vs anyone. It is all about the real masons and making folks understand that there are people assuming the right to call themselves freemasons.
  16. bupton52

    Challenges on the street

    All PH GLs recognize each other. There is an entity called Prince Hall Origin (PHO), but they are clandestine.
  17. bupton52

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

    I don't completely understand what you are saying @goldsquare
  18. bupton52

    A Formal Introduction...

    Welcome to the forums. Enjoy.
  19. bupton52

    Having your light taken

    Taking any items from anyone is a foolish practice. We aren't a part of a gang and we don't steal from brothers.