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  1. Bloke

    the ritualistic significance of the Marshal

    I am guessing what you man by "arched", I assume with wands.. if so, we only do that to candidates, WMs, and Installing Masters and MWGMs. And we don't have a Marshal , we have a Director of Ceremonies..
  2. Bloke

    Hello brethren - Technical Issue

  3. Bloke

    Hello brethren - Technical Issue

    You sure it was not in spam or promotions ? 100% sure not mistyped ? Did you use your gmail to sign up for the account you have ?
  4. Bloke

    Still thinking of you :)

    Still thinking of you :)
  5. Bloke

    Four Score, Five Years and a Couple of Days Ago...

    I actually had to read that in to hits because it made me emotional. Today, I am seen by many as teacher in my lodge, but I am still learning.. but perhaps some of the most valuable lessons I have learning in life and Freemasonry have come from kind and wise men who are now gone. Most are dead...
  6. Bloke

    Yearly Fee

    What Bro Glen said is correct. I can tell you what I would have done as Lodge Sec, I would have charged you twice. However that first charge would have been prorata (12 months divided by 12 times full months left). However, I would have also given you the option of paying once, and for 14...
  7. Bloke

    Website about the Kirkwall Scroll

    Nice. I did something like this years ago on another topic...put down what I knew and kept researching and solved one of the historic masonic mysteries in Australia. Was fun and informative. Interactive Facebook is probably a good place to do that today, but here is good to...perhaps even...
  8. Bloke

    My Deepest Apologies: Is Red or White Wine Best with a Plate of Crow?

    The only way to never make a mistake is go nothing. And, it always incumbent on readers to make their own judgments, and regardless of the quality of the blog, and Chris write a great one, one can never know the whole story from a blog or often, even if you are right in the middle of that...
  9. Bloke

    Return of the spammer

    There was meme going around in my family this week on a new book.. "How to make for a successful marriage" written by Henry VIII
  10. Bloke

    Website about the Kirkwall Scroll

    I will have to come back to this, but well done and looks interesting.
  11. Bloke

    The Masonic Leader's Mindset - Short video lessons for leaders.

    Thank you. Will check them out.
  12. Bloke


    Sounds cool. Are you under Le Droit Humain ?
  13. Bloke

    Past Master Aprons

    Here, it is only WMs and Chained GL Officers and Reps who wear a collar when visiting a lodge.
  14. Bloke

    Why is the north a place of darkness?

    Agree. In Victoria, Sec and Tres are in the North. WMs & GL Officers in North East
  15. Bloke

    Watch what you say in here

    “MW Brothers of Light Grand Lodge,” Excellent ! I think I am about to make an advancement in my masonic knowledge. As an aside, after years of annoying Bro Winter on the web... I am pretty sure he is a Freemason. .. but I am quite sure he's enriched my journey..
  16. Bloke

    New membership

    You will need to make contact with Freemasons local to you. We can only give general advice...
  17. Bloke

    Pandora’s box

    Learn the virtue of patience ! :)
  18. Bloke

    Hello from an Australian moving to Houston

    Hello Bro Marcus Go back to your Lodge Secretary Wayne and ask him for a Travel Letter. This will be stamped by GL and serve as a letter of Introduction. Ask the Lodge Sec to include your Degree Dates in that letter. @mvantuyl - if Texas opens in Third, will an EA or FC need anything special...
  19. Bloke

    Family Of Murdered Texas Mason Suing Lodge For Negligence

    For sure and I certainly hope adequate coverage is in place, but insurance for the organization of Masonry not for the dependents of a murdered Freemason. We raise and give money all the time for people who really account as strangers, surely a Widow and any potential Dependents should...