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  1. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    I don't know what the address is. If you call the number in one of the pics I posted they should be able to tell you. Yours may take longer considering you sent them a check. I ordered with a credit card over the phone. It still took 4 weeks. Just don't expect them to give you accurate...
  2. Jericho2013

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Re: Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Co I have already petitioned CCC and am attending the festival in February. I don't plan on buying a uniform. After I'm retired many years from now I may get more involved at that level.
  3. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    Mine showed up yesterday finally. Even though she said it wasn't shipping til next week. It's a nice jacket. My only gripe is that the mason logo is barely stamped into the leather and it's hard to see. I may end up putting a patch over it. I have patches for my appendant organizations.
  4. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    I just called them and asked why it's taking so long. She said it will ship next week. So that would make it 6 weeks for me to get it. Double what they said when ordering. They must be running their business out of a garage or something.
  5. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    I was wondering the same thing. It's been at least 3 weeks for me too and nothing. I hope it wasn't a scam. I need to call them.
  6. Jericho2013

    Prayers Needed for My Wife

    Thanks brothers. Surgery is Monday. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  7. Jericho2013

    How did u all become freemasons?

    The senior pastor of my church was a mason and I asked him about it and if I could join. He drove me around town to brother's homes and got me all of my signatures. The process went very quickly after that.
  8. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    I went ahead and ordered one. It's a good price considering similar ones are closer to $400. I was thinking about ordering these patches to go on it:
  9. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    Here you go. Sorry I folded the brochure. Oh and it's $199 plus $14.95 shipping. 3 weeks for delivery. My Freemasonry HD
  10. Jericho2013

    Kind of a Silly Question

    I was speaking to the chairman of the Houston Shriners Hospital and he offered a private tour of the hospital for me and my wife. I was wondering if I should wear my Fez for something like this? And has anyone else been on a private tour before?
  11. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    Amazon also has some nice ebroidered patches for the other appendant bodies you can put on it.
  12. Jericho2013

    Masonic Bomber Jacket

    Did anyone receive in the mail a brochure and order form for a masonic bomber jacket? It looks pretty nice and is a decent price if it's quality leather. It comes with a free masonic zipper pull and states that "this offering is made with the permission of the Grand Lodge of Texas". Do you...
  13. Jericho2013

    Prayers Needed for My Wife

    Thank you so much brothers! My Freemasonry HD
  14. Jericho2013

    Prayers Needed for My Wife

    We recently found out that my wife has a tennis ball sized growth on one of her ovaries. She is going to have surgery to remove her ovaries soon. We are praying that this is a benign growth. Any prayers are appreciated.
  15. Jericho2013

    Intiated Last Night

    I was initiated last night at the Arabia Shriners in Houston. It was an amazing night and very unique. I was given the obligation by the Imperial Chief Rabban of Shriners International and he will be the 2015 Imperial Potentate. I was fezzed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand...
  16. Jericho2013

    Dress Code

    Nevermind. Found my answer.
  17. Jericho2013

    Turning in my petition for the Houston Shriners

    Re: Turning in my petition for the Houston Shriner My mistake. I just filled out the petition and it does have a place where you put in your hat size. I must have missed it before. I'm turning it in on Monday night at the temple's stated meeting night. I still need two noble's names for it...
  18. Jericho2013

    Which finger do you wear your ring on and why?

    I wear mine on my right ring finger compasses out. I don't usually have trouble remembering that I'm a master mason. :)
  19. Jericho2013

    Your PC rig

    Here is mine. I build all of my desktop computers. Parts are Corsair 900D case, Core i7 3930K, Asus Rampage 4 Extreme motherboard, 64gb Corsair Platinum Dominator memory with lightbar kit, 2 x EVGA Titan Hydrocopper video cards in SLI, 2 x Intel 520 Series 240 gb SSDs in RAID 0, Corsair...
  20. Jericho2013

    Hopeful Candidate

    As long as you meet the qualifications (belief in a supreme being, no felonies...etc.) then you should have no problems being accepted into masonry. Good luck!