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  1. Garrettsdaddy


    I have been am IT guy for over 20 years. This is my personal opinion. If you are doing video editing, sound editing, or digital artwork, things like that then an Apple is the best choice. I do none of the above or very seldom do, so i use a PC. One suggestion i would give since you already own...
  2. Garrettsdaddy

    Made it to Killeen

    Brothers, After a long and very exhausting trip my family and I have finally made it to Killeen. I am looking forward to going to lodge in Killeen and possibly surrounding lodges. If you are from the Killeen area please feel free to contact me at i would be more than...
  3. Garrettsdaddy

    Greetings from Michigan

    I have finally arrived in Michigan, it was a long trip. I am hoping my suits arrived to be able to go to the Killeen Lodge next week. I am excited to meet new brothers
  4. Garrettsdaddy

    Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome, i am also a Mason from Michigan. However in about 3 weeks we are moving to Texas.
  5. Garrettsdaddy

    Killeen Lodge

    Toodmont, Thank you so much. We are still deciding on the move date. We think it will be the end of June 2014. As we get closer i will let you know, i am eager to move and to get out of this crazy snow and ice. Our winter has been really bad this year, and it causes me a lot of problems. I look...
  6. Garrettsdaddy

    Killeen Lodge

    Thank you for the link, as it gets closer to the time we are moving to Killeen i will make contact. We are really looking forward to moving to the Killeen area, and i am looking forward to meeting new brothers.
  7. Garrettsdaddy

    The Officers of a Lodge

    Very informative well written article.
  8. Garrettsdaddy

    Eight Steps To Excellence: The Observant Lodge

    Wow what an amazing well written and much needed direction for all lodges. I sometimes feel lodges get into a rut and fail to really educate new brothers. We are all responsible for the education and teaching of brothers. I love the way this article outlines a way to make any lodge the best it...
  9. Garrettsdaddy

    Killeen Lodge

    Brothers, I was wondering if any brothers on here belong to, or know of anyone from the Killeen Lodge. My wife, 8 you old Autistic son, and myself are moving to Killeen this summer. I am a Past Master, and currently serve as Secretary of Charlevoix Lodge # 282, in Charlevoix, Michigan. I am...
  10. Garrettsdaddy

    Have you read the entire Bible?

    Yes several times, when I was a teenager I wanted so bad to become a Minister, I let my father talk me out of it Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  11. Garrettsdaddy

    Greetings and Salutations from Michigan

    Onthesquare, Glad to find another brother from Michigan. I am hoping to attend the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in May. All depends on how the cash flow is. If you plan to attend i hope to see and meet you there.
  12. Garrettsdaddy

    Greetings and Salutations from Michigan

    It is never to late to start a journey in life. This journey will be exciting and a bit of wisdom i can offer is this. You will get of Masonry, everything you put in. As with all things in life you are the master of your journey and the destiny is yours for the taking. God bless and brotherly...
  13. Garrettsdaddy

    Greetings and Salutations from Michigan

    Hello everyone, My name is Scott Kerschner and i hail from a small town in northern Michigan named Charlevoix. I have been a Mason for 6 years now. I served my lodge as Worshipful Master of my lodge Charlevoix Lodge #282 during 2013. I am now currently serving my lodge as Secretary. I have many...