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  1. KFerguson84

    Officers in the Lodge

    In PA, elected officers are required to wear a tuxedo with tails. Everyone else must be in suit and tie. The requirement is set by Grand Lodge so it is consistent in every lodge. There are some lodges that require everyone (officers, members, & visitors) to be in tails.
  2. KFerguson84

    Is there a difference?

    Its all in the content. I know lodges that have average buildings with but make great Masons and I know lodges that have beautiful buildings with tons of money and make poor Masons. Its all about what you want from Freemasonry. If you want a certain type of Masonic experience, do...
  3. KFerguson84

    Officer position

    The first chair I ever sat in was Junior Deacon. I was not appointed to that chair but the guy who was was sick and didnt make many meetings so I sat there for a few months. I was elected Junior Warden the following year. A lodge in my district is progressive from the lowest chair. It takes 7...
  4. KFerguson84

    Montana Grand Master Removed

    You're absolutely correct, Bro. Barry. I've heard horror stories about the GS, and his real life brother, the Asst GS in Montana.
  5. KFerguson84

    Google Nexus 7 Tablet

    Bro. Blake, Go to and click on forum. It is filled with guys who are programmers for all things electronic. Just find your device and start looking through everything they have to offer. There is a development section if you wanted to try different ROMs and a Q&A...
  6. KFerguson84

    What does Masonry mean to you?

    Freemasonry is me and I am Freemasonry. It is not merely something I do; it is something I live. The person I have become because of my association with this Fraternity is the person I always hoped I would be. I am more compassionate, have more patience, more intellectual, and most importantly...
  7. KFerguson84

    Raised to the third!

    Congrats, Brother! It has only just begun. The Blue Lodge is so full of philosophy and symbolism. You will spend the rest of your life analyzing it and learning to apply it to your life. I would not be the man I am today without Freemasonry and I hope that it's teachings will do the same to you...
  8. KFerguson84

    Getting My Temple Degree Tonight :)

    Congrats Brother Stedman. I am not a Knight Templar but that sounds like you are about to go through an amazing experience that will stick with you the rest of your life. Please update us afterwards on your thoughts! Best of luck and congrats again!
  9. KFerguson84

    Received The Scottish Rite Degrees

    The Master Craftsman Program is through the Scottish Rite, S.J. Website. I am not involved in it but I hear it is a great program. S.J. Website is Click on the link for the store and it will have the Master Craftsman Program as a purchasing option. Guthrie...
  10. KFerguson84

    Received The Scottish Rite Degrees

    I agree about the 18th. I expected much more from the Rosicrucian degree. Maybe there is much more there and I have not yet found it. I am hoping to see the degree many more times and learn it inside and out to find the true symbolism behind it. I loved the 31st and 32nd Degrees. They seemed...
  11. KFerguson84

    Need Gift Ideas

    I am looking for ideas for a unique gift idea for out outgoing Master. He has been a great influence on me as a Mason and has always looked after me in all aspects of Fraternity. I look at him as my Masonic Father. He is serving as Master the fourth time in our lodge and will more than likely...
  12. KFerguson84

    Received The Scottish Rite Degrees

    This weekend, I attended the Valley of Scranton, PA's Scottish Rite Reunion where I received the 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 31st, & 32nd Degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. I enjoyed these degrees so much. Before I joined Scottish Rite, I had only been a member of Blue Lodge and RA...
  13. KFerguson84


    Congrats and welcome to the forum! It's great to have you with us.
  14. KFerguson84

    2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

    Isn't that what "taking a good man & making him better" means? No, that's taking a bad man and making him good. That's not our business. Rehabilitation is a word for taking a person with an extremely bad habit (be it addiction, theft, what have you) and making them a functional member of...
  15. KFerguson84

    New to Forum

  16. KFerguson84

    What to say to anti-masons at church?

    Now, I advertise my membership all the time and I love when anti-masons attempt to argue with me. I just remain calm and answer back professionally with a smile on my face and watch them get all heated. It's fun for me.
  17. KFerguson84

    Conferred My First Ever Degree

    I had the opportunity to confer a degree for the first time on Wednesday Oct. 12 and nailed it! It was an EA Degree. I practiced my ass off and didnt miss a word. And, on top of it all, Oct. 12 is my birthday so I couldn't ask for a better birthday present that having the honor of making someone...
  18. KFerguson84

    Living Stones Magazine

    Brethren, If you are looking for a great Masonic magazine, may I suggest Living Stones Magazine. It is a new monthly e-magazine, edited by WB Robert Herd from Enlightenment Lodge No. 198 in Colorado, that features articles by Bros. Cliff Porter, Timothy Hogan, John Nagy, and myself. My recent...
  19. KFerguson84

    Misuse of A.F&A.M vs. F&A.M

    If anyone has any questions about Pennsylvania ritual, let me know. I'm a PA Mason and will try to answer them to the best of my ability.
  20. KFerguson84

    Masonic Bucket List

    1) Visit and attend lodge at the Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) in Scotland. They have the oldest continuously recorded Lodge minutes in the world dating from today back to 1599. 2) Visit and attend lodge at the United Grand Lodge of England. 3) Visit the House of the Temple in...