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  1. Kenneth Lottman

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Thank You Brother Bill for posting this sorry I could not find you this year maybe next year we can have a section were we can meet each other from here there!
  2. Kenneth Lottman

    2013 GLoTX GRAND ANNUAL COM. - who's going?

    Who all is planning on attending this year? Sent From My Freemasonry Mobile App
  3. Kenneth Lottman

    What Lodge position do you currently serve?

    Installed as Jr. Warden tonight at Lindale Lodge #848.
  4. Kenneth Lottman

    The new web face of The Grand Lodge of Texas

    I use for my web hosting and they offer very easy web design program as well! We are paying $13 a month and we are pleased with the service! The only thing is they don't offer email service but we just use gmail! Problem solved!
  5. Kenneth Lottman

    Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Links Freemasonry to Satan

    This Commerical is depicting satan as a freemason! There is a petition at the end if you all will sign it and share with as many brothers as you can!
  6. Kenneth Lottman

    The new web face of The Grand Lodge of Texas

    Looks good what I would like to see is a mobile version of it with lodge locator tab calendar of event and recent news feeds but all in all it's 100 times better then the old and much better on the eyes!
  7. Kenneth Lottman

    Attending Grand Lodge

    Just got into town!
  8. Kenneth Lottman

    My Son having surgery @ TSRH

    Done! Please keep us informed on how everything went!
  9. Kenneth Lottman


    Not to be to nosey brother how much are we looking to spend?
  10. Kenneth Lottman

    iPad Mini

    If they had made it half the size of the reg iPad and made it around the $250 mark it might have been worth it! For it being only $170 difference between it and the reg one I would(16gb version)and (if I didn't have one already) just buy the bigger one! What a waste of RND!
  11. Kenneth Lottman

    Helping a brother out

    We just started at our last stated meeting passing the hat. What we do with the the money is help out a brother in the lodge (if one is need of it) or take it to a local charity. (Food bank, meals on wheels or if we know of a family in need) the first night we ended up with $250 bucks among 20...
  12. Kenneth Lottman

    New Masonic facebook page

    Hey Brothers I started a new Facebook page for a friend and brother it's called Masonic Truckers! He asked me to start it because he just started long hall trucking and he fells alone out there and he thought it would be a good page to start to connect other Masons that may be truck drivers...
  13. Kenneth Lottman

    Masonic Tattoo

    Thinking about getting some work done... I have a good idea what I want it to look like the issue I'm having is wether or not to put my home lodges name on it or not? Any thoughts about this brothers? This is sorta what I'm thinking about doing
  14. Kenneth Lottman

    Going to GL this year? Want an MoT meetup sometime?

    I'm going this year. I would like to meet some of the brothers from here there.
  15. Kenneth Lottman


    They can be worn!
  16. Kenneth Lottman

    TX Grand Communcation 2012..Whos going?

    Just wondering who's planning on being there? I will finally be able to go this year!
  17. Kenneth Lottman

    Call for photography students

    Sounds very interesting! I have a canon rebel T1i and mainly just use the auto mode because I don't have a clue what all the functions do and love to take pics mostly of outdoors stuff!
  18. Kenneth Lottman

    Master Mason Diploma from GL

    Thanks for the info Brother! It looks good!
  19. Kenneth Lottman

    Master Mason Diploma from GL

    Hey is there any brother out there have one of the MM Diplomas from the GL that you can order? If so can someone post a pic of what it looks like?